Braised Mackerel & Radish

Braised Mackerel & Radish

Braised Mackerel & Radish


Braised Mackerel & Radish




고등어 무조림

시원한 맛을 내는 싱싱한 무와 비린맛없이 조리된 생선살이 통통, 두툼한 고등어를 넣어 만든 매콤 짭짤한 담백한 고등어조림, 식구들 입맛을 돋아줄거예요.


[이렇게 드세요.]

적당한 용기에 옮겨 담은후 가스렌지에 3~4분가량 데워 드시길 추천드립니다.


Braised Mackerel & Radish

Fresh radish and mackerel cooked to perfection, this spicy and salty braised mackerel will be enjoyed by the whole family.

Weight: 26oz
Expiration Date: 3 days refrigerated from the date of production

2인 1회 / Serving Size: 2

개인의 식사량에 따라 차이가 있을 수 있습니다.

There may be differences in the amount of food depending on the individual's diet.

Cooking Method: Microwave
Storing: Refrigeration

Cooking Direction:
Open the package slightly and microwave for 5 minutes.

Mackerel, Water, White radish, Soy sauce, Green onion, Jalapeno, Plum extract, Garlic puree, Cooking wine, Red chili pepper, Gochugaru, Corn syrup, Rice wine, Flavor enhancer, Sugar


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